Twilight OpenSimulator Grid

Dedicated to Arts, Music, Education, Science and Community

Creating Virtual Spaces

Create Your Avatar

Create and improve your avatar in a virtual world for free.

Create a home in the Hyper Grid

Create a home on your own parcel in a virtual world

Explore the Hyper Grid

Travel to other Grids or explore the regions in Twilight Grid

Find Communities

Find communities of others that share your interests and ideas

Be creative

Buld your own creations

Enhance your awareness

Try what what you cannot experience in your real live.

An array of virtual experience

Virtual Art Gallery

  • Inspired by the Legion of Honor in San Francisco.
  • Featuring Atists from Real Wolrld and Virtual Worlds
  • Paintings, Photographs, Virtual and Real

Twilight Learning Center & Free Store

  • Free Shopping for women & men
  • Free Assorted items, sturctures and tools
  • Free Tutorials on various subjects

Twilight Cathedral

  • A unique church for your events.
  • Lectures
  • Weddings
Photo of the frront of Twilight Blues and Jazz club.

Twilight Blues & Jazz Club

  • Live Music Events
  • DJ and Streamed Music
  • Dancing
  • Games

“Yet another Opensimulator Grid”